How to Fix What’s App Gigaset Gs53-6 MEpure

How to Fix What’s App Gigaset Gs53-6 MEpure

Hello friends as you know there are so many Gigaset Mobile phones in the market right now. People love them because this mobile phone have so many features. It works very well, however, there is one particular model of Gigaset that is Gigaset Gs53-6 MEpure Model that have an awesome feature. But many people are complaining that it stucks so much.

Gigaset Gs53-6 MEpure

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This is very common in Gigaset Gs53-6 MEpure Model because people load so many things in it, its logo also causes problem sometimes and load slowly.
One most important issue so many people are facing these days is that once they Update What’s App in this model, whats app start crashing, unable to load or stop working.

Gigaset Gs53-6 MEpure

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Until now, there was no fix for this mobile phone for what’s app. I am mobile technician and I am fixing mobiles for more than 10 years, and I found a solution for this one problem particular. You will not find it anywhere.

Except this now a day the main issue facing by peoples while What’s App updation is that What’s App stop functioning and they become worried what to do ,no files are available about this issue on internet which resolve this issue .Now I am telling you the easy method for fixing this problem ,you need nothing to do if you are facing problem of non running whatapp then just download whatapp Gigaset Gs53-6 MEpure from the link given below

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and kept this in your PC.This one is a special kind of What’s App prepared for Gigaset Gs53-6 MEpure ,then you need to connect your mobile with PC and send that downloaded whatsapp to your mobile derive then open gigaset file manager

and open apk folder and install apk What’s App ,your What’s App will b ok ..

Note ….After this do not try any What’s App update because Gigaset Gs53-6 MEpure What’s App show problem on update

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Except this many friends are facing a problem of logo hanging for this you have to update your Gigaset GS53-6 MEpure which can be done easily from the link given below
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